Portable Hair Perm Warm Air Dryer Cap


Portable Hair Perm Warm Air Dryer Cap

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Introducing the Portable Hair Perm Warm Air Dryer Cap – your ultimate ticket to effortless elegance and flawlessly styled curls. It's time to take your hairstyle to the next level and transform your look with luxurious waves and curls. Say goodbye to boring, flat hair and hello to voluminous, head-turning locks! With our game-changing Portable Hair Perm Warm Air Dryer Cap, you can finally achieve salon-quality perms right in the comfort of your own home. No more expensive salon visits or endless hours spent waiting around. This innovative cap allows you to experience the magic of professional styling anytime, anywhere.

What sets our hair perm warm air dryer cap apart from the rest? It's simple – convenience, confidence, and outstanding results. Whether you're aiming for elegant waves, bouncy curls, or a chic perm, our portable solution delivers impeccable results that rival the best salons. Get ready to embrace the spotlight and turn heads with your stunning new look.




Power: 110V, 60Hz
Length: app app 56cm/37''.
Material: nylon.
Timer: 10 to 60 minutes

Package Includes:
1 x Air Dryer Cap
1 x Pouch

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